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F-01 Biotin (N-Terminal)
F-02 Biotin-LC (N-Terminal)
F-03 FITC-LC (N-Terminal)
F-04 5-FAM-LC (N-Terminal)
F-05 Dansyl-LC (N-Terminal)
F-06 MCA (N-Terminal)
F-07 TMR (N-Terminal)
F-08 D-Luciferin (N-terminus)
F-09 Cys(Npys) (N-terminus)
F-10 3-Indolylacetic acid (N-Terminal)
F-11 PyBA- (N-Terminal), 1-pyrenebutyric acid
F-12 Lys(Biotin)
F-13 Lys(FITC)
F-14 Lys(5-FAM)
F-15 Lys(Dansyl)
F-16 Lys(TMR)
F-17 Lys(Dnp)
F-18 Dab(Dnp)
F-19 Dap(Dnp)
F-20 EDBiotin (C terminus)
F-21 EDDnp (C terminus)
F-22 Abz
F-23 Tyr(3-NO2)
F-24 Glu(EDANS)-NH2