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Cellmano have many experienced scientist in the process of synthesis and purify,we are enlarging our product line by  research and development continuous, which including:
1,simple,line peptides
2.Difficult or complex,cycle peptides
3.long chain peptides,we have the successful experience for synthesizing the peptide with 112 amino aicds residues
4. containing unnature amino acids or other modified the peptide
5.different grade purity(crude,desalted, >75%、>85%、>90%、>95%、>98%)

Custom Peptide Synthesis Price List

US $/ Residue for 6-30 mer peptides (US $)

  Crude Desalted >75% >85% >90% >95% >98%
1-5mg $3.2 $4.1  $6.9 $9.2 $11.1  $11.8  $17.9
6-10mg $3.8 $4.8 $8.1 $10.9  $13.0  $14.0   $21.0 
11-15mg $4.5  $5.7  $9.5 $12.7 $15.3  $16.5 $24.7
16-20mg $4.6  $5.8 $10.2  $14.1 $16.9  $18.3 $27.6
21-25mg $5.0 $6.2 $12.0  $15.8  $18.3  $20.9  $31.4 
25-30mg $5.3 $6.4 $13.1  $16.9 $19.4 $22.8 $34.0
31-40mg $5.6  $6.8 $14.1  $17.6 $21.2 $24.2 $36.3
41-50mg $6.3  $7.5 $14.5  $18.7 $22.3 $25.7  $38.7 
51-60mg $6.6 $7.8  $16.6  $20.4 $24.1 $27.4 $41.1
61-80mg $7.8  $9.0 $19.4 $22.9 $27.4 $31.2 $46.7
81-100mg $8.1 $9.2 $22.9  $27.4 $33.0 $36.7  $55.0
1000mg $28.8 $30.0  $68.8 $82.3 $98.8 $109.8 $164.7

1. The delivery time is approximately 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2 weeks for purified peptides.

2. Prices include mass spectral analysis, HPLC tracing, and synthesis report.

3. Difficult or complex peptides will be quoted separately.

4. Significant discount will be offered for large scale peptide synthesis or other big orders.



Production of peptides is among the things that most companies are concerned about. This is because it is vital that they produce quality peptides so as to make it possible for them to produce certain products, which are generally employed by people. The process which is usually practiced by these businesses is called solid phase peptide synthesis, and it's also done with utilizing a workstation. In other words, the caliber of the peptides produce by the company would highly depend upon the kind of workstation they may be using correctly , and also how careful these are in pursuing the steps required for peptide production.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are likely to be amino acids which were built into chains naturally through synthesized structures. The human body actually produces peptides and yes it utilizes it to address infection, induce healing, rebuild tissues, and also control inflammation. The body relies upon to peptides in terms of the construction and duplication of cells.

There are countless structure combinations which can be produced by the amino acids in peptides; and, for that reason , peptides have become widely used in numerous industries. Peptides have become being utilized to produce medicines and also other essential products usually employed by people for healing.

Some with the products where peptides are widely-used would include anti-microbial control of the skin, anti-aging creams, and others .

What is Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis?

As mentioned at the top , this can be a process where peptides are manufactured by linking multiple amino acids. With solid phase peptide synthesis, the peptide is retained when being immobilized with a solid surface by washing it with the aid of by-products of synthesis and liquid phase reagents. In order to make this procedure possible, a laboratory or possibly a company should make use of an automated platform which includes the capabilities of performing contact array printing and automatic pipetting for sub-micro liter dispensing.

In comparison to its that, should you be tasked to look for the platform or workstation to synthesize peptides, you should be aware that there are specific factors which need considering. By putting much consideration of these factors, you should have assurance you will be able to have a workstation, that may provide you plus your company the product quality peptides you will need for manufacturing of varied products.