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Cellmano treat quality as the most important thing. Cellmano has state-of-the-art labs armed with excellent instrument. All the  products from Cellmano are under strict control of QA/QC from raw material quality inspectionprocess quality control (synthesispurify) and finally analysis(final quality guarantee).There are Mass Spectrometry Report (for checking the structure), HPLC Report (for checking the purity) and CoA (product information, Lot number, manufacture date, etc) attached for all products from Cellmano. Cellmano keep all the synthesis records , purify methods and analysis result for every batch product with staff and time in the archives. It could be tracked to the raw materials, the principal and the date of synthesispurify and QA/QC for all batch product by our lot number. Which can make sure our customers to use the products from Cellmano without any worry and doubt. If you find the product from Cellmano can not satisfy you and it has problem indeed, we will provide you new batch product instead without any charge again.